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Update from Provo

Alex will be leaving the Mission Training Center in Provo and will be flying to his mission assignment in St. George, Utah, on December 21.  As of today, all correspondence should be sent to the address here on the blog.  He informed us that he LOVES receiving mail and I’m sure would be very grateful to hear from all of you.

He says he is happy, is having fun and the food is great!  He gets to play basketball everyday . . . which of course he loves.  He suffered a bad sprain on his finger but apparently that didn’t slow him down.

He’s very anxious to get to St. George and will then be able to write more frequently.  It is my hope to be able to update the blog on a regular basis with news of his experiences in southern Utah . . . and maybe even a photo or two!  Stay tuned . . .


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The beginning . . .

Alex will be leaving for Utah on Friday, November 26, and will be reporting to the mission training center in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, December 1.  Sometime toward the end of December he will begin his two-year mission in the St. George, Utah, area.  Thus begins a new chapter in his life.  I will miss him terribly . . . but I am a very proud grandmother.  As Alex sends e-mails, letters and photos, I will add them to this blog so that family and friends can “share” his missionary experiences.

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